Thursday, December 18, 2008

Doing What's Best For All Little Boys And Ghouls

"In San Francisco, Scientology infiltrated classrooms for more than a decade unnoticed because they discreetly offered their program to individual teachers, with district-wide administrators none the wiser. It took a 2005 California-government crackdown to finally drive the cult out of schools.

In New Mexico, a reporter for the
Las Cruces Sun-News asked Scientology anti-drugs program representative Richard Henley whether the cult had attempted to indoctrinate children in other New Mexico school districts. Henley refused to say, explaining that requests had come from 'individual teachers or classes ... for two or three years.'"

-- Matt Smith, proving my detractors (who regularly deny San Francisco's role in the cult influence over America - San Francisco schoolchildren have been indoctrinated into Scientology for 10 years? - and also deny how the cults are using NewAge "hot spots", like New Mexico, as their base of operations) might be missing something, because it's certainly being mentioned in the San Francisco Weekly.

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