Sunday, December 21, 2008

Here's Who Thinks This Cheating, Lying, NewAge Scumbag Loser Has Done Such A Good Job He Deserves To Be In Charge Of Our Entire State

"NBC Universal executive Benjamin Silverman, who we're told has now maxed out on Newsom's campaign at $24,000.

Within the past month, Newsom has also collected $24,000 apiece from the likes of London clothing designer Domitilla Getty, San Francisco novelist Robert Mailer Anderson, and Lynne Benioff (wife of founder Marc Benioff).

Local gay philanthropist Jim Hormel and West Hollywood consultant William Resnick each gave $10,000."

-- Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross, with a partial list of donors to Gavin Newsom's NewAge campaign for Governor of the Left Coast - after he screwed his best friend's wife (and Southern California), allowed a skyrocketing murder rate to continue in The City, let cultism run rampant, watched blacks (including this one) leave in droves, and anyone can buy crack in front of City Hall - in The San Francisco Chronicle.

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  1. If this ferret with his waxed sack becomes governor, I will seriously consider leaving the state.