Sunday, December 21, 2008

He's BAAAaaaack!!!!

"Psychic Derek Acorah has slammed 'a despicable plot' to destroy his reputation as Britain’s most famous ghosthunter.

The showman admits his controversial exit from the Living show Most Haunted may have caused some to doubt his unique powers.

But now the dad of -two – and his trusty, invisible, 1,500-year-old Ethiopian spirit guide Sam – are back with a series of one-hour shows on digital channel Sky Real Lives in the New Year.

And he said: 'Friends in the world of spirit gave me great comfort.

'They said to me, ‘You will overcome all this and a new era will come. You will be like the phoenix that rises from the ashes. But stronger!’'

Derek, 58, is still furious at claims he was sacked from Most Haunted three years after being exposed as a fake by the show’s resident parapsychologist Ciaran O’Keeffe.

It was claimed O’Keeffe openly discussed a made-up South African ghost called Kreed Kafer with production crew in the hope word would reach Derek and he would later pretend to 'channel' the spirit. 

Derek came up with the name – an anagram of the words 'Derek Faker' – on a live show. But he claims he was merely sensing the negative energy of O’Keeffe’s earlier plotting.

And he says he wasn’t sacked but had already announced he was leaving.

He said: 'I’m sensitive. I pick these things up. I was picking up people talking and back-biting in the ether.

'I heard these despicable discussions between people and it was sickening me to my guts. When we were doing the investigation I was walking around the area and the words hit me – ‘Kreed Kafer, Kreed Kafer!’ And I said it out loud. 

'They set out to dishevel me with my new show.'

Since then Derek has shown off his talents at packed-out venues across the UK.

He admits there is a level of showmanship in what he does but he insists 'there is no falsehood going along with entertainment'.

And he will be using elements of his touring show in his new TV programme, which is called simply Derek Acorah.

He will be 'talking to dead people' and 'picking up vibrations' from their family heirlooms in a kind of psychic Antiques Roadshow."

-- Andy Lea, on how another "psychic" fraud got exposed, but (as always) not letting that little thing stop him from coming back as Star News.

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  1. Waterboard him. And no matter what he confesses to, don’t stop.

    “So you’re admitting now that you’re a fraud and can’t talk to dead people and you get money for pulling hoaxes? Thanks for coming clean but sorry, can’t stop.”

    “Huh? You kidnapped the Lindbergh baby? Ok, but we won’t stop.”

    “What’s that? You were on a catwalk in the gasbag rafters on the Hindenburg trying to light a joint when you dropped your Zippo? Not stopping.”

    “Get outta town! You were the one that gave Al Gore the global warming idea? OK look, we’re out of time here, so we’re gonna give you this home waterboard kit and you need to continue this at home on your own. Someone will be coming by to check on your progress.”