Friday, December 19, 2008

Lost: The Movie

"At the beginning of 'Yes Man,' Carl Allen is a grouch, a curmudgeon, a wet blanket. His relentless negativity, less a matter of temperament than of circumstance: apparently Carl never recovered from the breakup of his marriage. But then a visit to a self-help seminar led by a guru who preaches the power of yes transforms Carl into a wild, unpredictable fellow, a giddy, spontaneous goofball, a gangling, motormouthed, rubber-faced id. In short, Carl turns into Jim Carrey. [Who recently came out as a NewAger - TMR]

But 'Yes Man,'...arrives at the startling conclusion that while saying no to everything is bad, saying yes to everything is not ideal either.

Most of us learned at least a rudimentary version of this lesson around the age of 5, and one of the many problems with 'Yes Man' is that it is insufficiently infantile. Mr. Carrey looks too grown up, plunge into,...reckless silliness,...what does he say yes to?

...childish narcissism,...."

-- A.O. Scott, revealing the wisdom of doing this blog - instead of doing what this blog comments on - in The New York Times.

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