Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Madness Of Crowds? (They're Idiots)

“The crowd is always right,...But the mind of the crowd is not addititve intellectually, it’s often a race to the bottom, to the lowest common denominator.

But popularity, the worship of the wisdom of the market is all that counts,...(And we know now a little more about the wisdom of the market, don’t we, after the scandals of the past few months?...) You know what a crowd is...? A lynch mob is a crowd, a pogrom is a crowd. The Walmart shopers who trampled to death that poor temp worker are a crowd. Crowds aren’t necessarily wise, they’re just big. Often thuggish and stupid,...”

-- Ron Rosenbaum, while kicking the ass (for the second time) of Jeff Jarvis - one of the "new thinkers" of today's piss-poor journalism - and doing it on Pajamas Media.

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