Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Who's "We", Asshole?

“I've been seeing a fair amount of traffic off-blog from folks who seem to think I've popped my cork. Eyebrows remain raised at some of my more recent positions on moral ambiguity and such. The general tenor of the feedback is as follows: "Stevie-baby... Whaddya mean you don't know what's right and what's wrong? Come on, dude. Man up here!"

Let's examine this, then, shall we? First of all, we don't even know if there's a God,...”

-- Steve Salerno, who (it, almost unsurprisingly, appears) has completely lost it over the cultish worshipping of "The One", Barack Obama - this frequent contributer to The Wall Street Journal even lowered himself to trying to defend the sleazy Bill Ayers recently - on his SHAMblog.

Which, at this point, shouldn't even be called SHAMblog, but CULTblog, because that's pretty-much all it is. A bunch of idiots who (with two exceptions I can find, one being me) agree on everything - especially on the wonderfulness of Barack Obama, despite his lies, evasions, lack of experience, etc., which no one will talk about.

SHAMblog's become an interesting case study in cultish thinking - because it's written down. How a really smart guy escapes the bonds of reality (he wrote a book on the NewAge phenomena of Self-Help, and used to rail about Oprah Winfrey, while, still, keeping tabs on her doings - but then gives her even more power than she ever had before by helping to elect her hand-picked candidate?) only to, now, spend his time trying to defend moral relativism because he can't accept he's put blatant hypocrisy where his big-ol' head used to be. It's sad. I really liked the guy.

I'll have to go re-read the blog's last year of postings, to see exactly where the break occurred,...stay tuned.

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