Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Waiting,...

"Obama made no inroads among observant white evangelicals."

-- Cathy Lynn Grossman, a "Faith & Reason" reporter, providing evidence Oprah did not convince the "oogedy-boogedy" crowd the messiah has arrived yet, in USA Today.


  1. A significant subset of the "oogedy-boogedy" crowd believes that Obama is the anti-Christ (or "false messiah") who will bring about an era of peace and prosperity as the necessary pre-condition for Satan to amass his army of demons to make war against Israel, after which point Jesus Christ will whisk all Christians up into the clouds in the "rapture".

    This isn't a metaphor or an ironic slice of in-crowd self-mockery for these people (like "Obamessiah" was for so many on the left) - they literally believe that Obama is an emissary of the fallen angels who rebelled against god before the earth was formed.

    Given that, yeah, its not surprising that most white evangelicals chose to "stay the course" instead.

  2. See this is what gets me:

    The "Obamessiah" label isn't some "metaphor or an ironic slice of in-crowd self-mockery" for the NewAge Left - it's something to be taken just as seriously as the Christian belief. This is a self-imposed metaphysical battle, and as such, why wouldn't Christians regard Obama as the Anti-Christ when the NewAge Left has openly, and seriously, called him a "Lightworker" AKA Satan? (Check the tags for Mark Morford.) I blame the Left as much as the Right - actually I blame the Left more because they claim to be smarter - when all they do is act as a negative image of the other side. (Oh, you believe in Jesus? Then I'll dress up as Satan and worship as a Pagan! Aren't I brilliant? No, you're a jackass who can't think of anything but how to be a bigger jackass and make things worse.) To disregard what NewAgers believe in - to give it a pass - is both unfair and stupid: they're an even bigger problem.

    The idea that we can laugh off what liberals believe while condemning Christians - when Christianity, at least, has an ethical framework that has done society a lot of good, while NewAge, in it's short period of acceptance, has brought us to the brink of disaster - is simply bizarre to me.