Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's A Mystery

Here's some testimony from the Wayne Bent trial in New Mexico - the NewAge "power spot" where cultism flourishes, and followers can get so "bent" a weak-willed father can know a cult leader betrayed him by sleeping with his daughters but he will still say he considers the pedophile a friend. Wild.

It does TMR good to hear the word "cult" finally said out in the open like this, because so many choose to deny there is such a thing - or the possibility they have anything to do with one - when it's all everyone else can talk about. I ask you: if a father can't even recognize the danger a cult leader poses - while (as we can see in this clip) his wife and other members of the cult can - how sure are any of you, who are advocating for NewAge beliefs (like not passing judgement) that you're not involved in one, too?

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