Thursday, March 10, 2011

Come One, Come All - Now Get Away From Me!

With all these visitors streaming in from all over, I have to say, if you're from one place and not visiting the blogs that I'm tight with, you're missing out on what's happening online. Here's a few of them:

The graphic, above, is from iOwnTheWorld, and it's typical of the ridicule they dish out to anyone who thinks we're the rubes. There aren't many conservative art blogs around, but with iOTW's head honcho, Big Fur Hat, on the case, there ain't gotta be. I'm not sure how he keeps the level of brilliance up day after day, but he does, and he and his crew even continue to top themselves, sometimes completely destroying whatever it is I thought they were able to accomplish. Personal note:

They've given me a lot of encouragement when I was feeling down, and, I'm sure, TMR wouldn't still be here without them.

I am honored to call iOwnTheWorld my friends.

[Click to enlarge: really, do it - it's funny!]

This next blog is new to me, but since they've started hanging out here, I've had ample opportunity to visit Flying Tiger Comics and, damn, I'm glad I did! I can't really explain it because (like TMR) it's too eclectic, but I know a kindred spirit when I see one and Flying Tiger Comics fits the bill.

Go, visit - enjoy!

Althouse is an online salon run by Ann Althouse. Right now, she and Laurence "New Media" Meade are making news in Madison, Wisconsin by covering the union battle with Gov. Scott Walker. There's a lot more that goes on over there, daily, because Ann's a pot-stirring educator with a loyal following of really smart readers, but the main reason I love it is because she's a fierce free speech advocate - as I am - as well as a fellow artist and, even though she voted for Obama and can show a squishy hippie center sometimes, her openness to other opinions more than compensates.

I'm hard on her, and Meade, but just for putting up with me, I love them both more than I can express with words. I mean that:

They're two wonderful people.

My sister blog is by Panda Bear, M.D., a former Iraq War vet who entered the medical profession. Like me, he doesn't mess around with BS, despises NewAge and quackery, and hold's the conservative's tragic view of life rather than the liberal's therapeutic, so - if you're looking for medical advice you can trust - he's the man. He hasn't posted in a while but so what?

He will when he's good and ready.

And finally, Mystic Bourgeoisie is where Chris Locke has been untangling the NewAge phenomena in preparation for a book of the same name. If you don't think TMR explains NewAge enough (as I prefer to speak as though understanding it is a given) then go and start at the beginning and let "Rageboy" lay it all out for you. Mystic Bourgeoisie is probably one of the most fun, well-laid out, and informative blogs on what's really troubling our present day culture I've ever read.

I'm not ashamed to say it saved my sanity.

It just might save yours, too - or, at least, will explain a lot of stuff you think you already understand - but you don't. Take my word for it:

When it comes to NewAge, you don't know nothin'!

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