Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Learn To Get Right, Guys: Love Is "Not Enough"

If you think loving a woman is what it takes to keep one, think again. There's tons of little boys, right now, getting their hearts totally destroyed because some adolescent bitch developed a crush on Justin Bieber and ain't afraid to show it, no matter how much the dude right in front of them cares - and it just gets worse as they get older. Women are as ruthless as killers and it's only because guys have become as soft as hardboiled eggs that they get away with it. Women care about no one, and nothing, but what they want and the wreckage they leave behind is just that to them - wreckage. They can "move on" (and probably donate to that disgusting political astrology outfit, "MoveOn.org" too). Women don't give a shit about love, and by now everybody knows it, so, Guys, don't indulge that nonsense.

And I don't want no stupid women writing in, trying to tell me I'm wrong about them, because, if I was, your ass would've already written this post - for the good of humanity - and not had me do it. But women don't give a shit about humanity either. Women care about one thing and one thing only - themselves.

Fuck all y'all.

And yeah, yeah - I know - but you should be reading a science blog if you're going to stupidly nit-pick for specificity. I'm using colloquial language and I don't want to hear it:

Women today suck.

UPDATE: My sister Marva's reminder of when women, and music, had integrity: