Monday, March 14, 2011

Go On - Live Oprah's "Best Life Evah" (It's Short)

Sorry, you grinning idiots, but most of you are already dead meat:
All you optimists out there can wipe that smile off your face right now.

Being miserable is the key to a longer life, says one of the most extensive studies of its type ever undertaken.

Psychologists found that the most cheerful individuals, with the best sense of humour, die earlier on average than their counterparts with the set jaw and furrowed brow.

And there’s more bad news. Adults who work harder and retire later are also more likely to make it into old age, particularly if they are ‘committed’ to their jobs.

The groundbreaking research, which overturns several long-held theories about reaching old age, is entitled the Longevity Project.
"Don't worry. Be happy" my ass!

I keep telling you (why am I right so often? Oh yeah, so everybody can hate me:) instead of following your bliss, y'all better start learning how not to be stupid,...

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