Tuesday, September 3, 2013

America's An Experiment But Lives Aren't Test Subjects

Now that the news cycle has "moved on" (Ooooh, Syria!) I guess I can start blogging again, my thinking being - while we haven't come to any conclusions about black Americans screaming "My Baby! My Baby!" in grief - we might, at least, be capable of talking

 Notice I didn't say anything's changed? That's what I hate about the whole "move on" concept - it isn't true. The participants can be in opposite parts of the world and the problem's still there. Lies get dug up, long after people are dead, still available to be found. 

Kinda off-topic, but look at the cacophony over,...Syria:

Anyone paying attention knows - nothing's changed but appearances - and almost everyone's STILL gone bananas. 

I'm scared, too - but mostly for historians. They're gonna look at all this and know we were nuts.  

We used to laugh at the phrase "mistakes were made" but, no more, not past the Bush years. Now we ignore them. 

The Trayvon-related fiascos have backed blacks into a corner, with the president and his stupid "red line".  While "Choom" echoes in the air - from conservatives disgusted by charges of Bush's cocaine use and other liberal behavior flowing from the previous administration - and now with Syrian children dead before them, too. 

That's rubbing it in, but good

Irony's not the only thing escaping our gaze during THIS parade. I've actually heard masturbation spoken of with more passion, this week, than empathy for practically anyone. This is our current politics. Neener, neener, neener. I mean, how many times will Glenn Reynolds make his crack about "smart diplomacy" before it occurs to anyone, that's not helping?

I figure, in certain states of mind, there simply is no helping.

Just as - to an artist - we may expect too much,...


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