Sunday, September 8, 2013

Charlie Manson Ain't Real (His Crimes In Movies Were)

Here's a film that's hitting all the right "stupid" buttons, but was still overlooked:
What if there was a secret group of individuals who formed a cult and had access to the dirtiest secrets of the biggest corporations in the world? What if their intention was to bring down pharmaceutical companies that knowingly kill millions of people with their drugs’ side effects? Would you side with the cult for their quasi noble albeit vengeful intentions, or would you expose the cult and let the law take its course? 

This impossible choice is faced by the protagonist of The East,...

Yeah - don't you love journalism? That choice is "impossible".

New Age cultists trying to bring down "Big Pharma"? The East Vs. The West - in medicine

Ha! Give me a break - that's not even worthy of TV:

The storyline's just too unbelievable,...

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