Saturday, September 14, 2013

I Think We'll All Be Cutting Out At About The Same Time

“It is a gross mistake to suppose that self-esteem is always a good quality, the more of it the better.”

 That quote's from a child-killing story I needed to brush up on, as I'd let it slip by with just a glance before, and felt a bit guilty. 

God, I'm glad I'm not a hippie. I've just had to live with them, in the destruction of their wake. That's been enough. 

I've learned how to laugh about it. 6 kids dead so a fool could "feel good about himself"? It's getting better all the time!

So, that said, can we get to the nude photo spread of Miley Cyrus already? Isn't that where this is all leading? Isn't the gradual push, push, push, just extended foreplay for television to graduate into the equivalent of a 24 hour porn booth? You see any other "artistic barriers" being broken? Even attempted to be broken? Well let's get on with it then. You're "liberated," baby - Madonna said so - now show me your tits.

There goes my gag reflex. Unfortunately, it's usually triggered by things other people insist on me watching, like the selling of Barack Obama. 

We HAD to have him, too, remember? He was the fulfillment of,...something. The editor of Newsweek said he was a god. People shot guns in my neighborhood when he got elected. Meanwhile, I was hunkered over the toilet, because I share a planet with anyone so stupid. That's how I've spent a lot of my life. Shoot, who am I kidding - it's become real life:

One long session, staring at porcelain, giving it up,...

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