Sunday, March 9, 2014

Big Fur Hat Thinks "iOwnTheWorld" But It's Owning Him

Because it's one of TMR's "sister blogs", to my utter horror and shame, iOwnTheWorld's "Big Fur Hat" is now citing the racist VDare as a source for stereotyping and propaganda. But it's in iOwnTheWorld's comments the real show goes on - revealing, both, the heart of America's evil and it's current state of massive white ignorance - some of which I share with you now, illustrated:

Imagine the number of police you could layoff were it not for blacks…
Blacks are like wild animals. Sooner or later a wild animal will revert back to being wild and kill you.
The truth that can not be spoken is that cities with a higher than average percentage of black people have a lot of crime because blacks have a large and separate subculture that doesn’t frown on being a total fucking asshole as much as white culture does.
Being born white is probably racist. Heck, everything we do that’s disagrees with Progtards is racist. If there were no liberals would there still be racists. Give it up progfarts and leave us the Hell alone, that’s probably racist too. Is it racist that I bullshitted my way through the Racism and Sexism course I took when I was in College and received a high grade just so I could get along? Even though I really didn’t believe most of their horseshit.
They have to yell ‘racist’ because they have nothing else. No facts, no truth, no substance.
The hand full of black ex mil guys I know I will continue to try and swing to the good side. Until I give up, then fuck them. I can’t be more honest then that.

 Broken families, no fathers, and gangsta rap culture haven’t helped any, either.

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