Friday, March 7, 2014

I Could Be Correct 100% Of The Time And The Right Will Still Never See Me (As More Than Another Crazy Nigger)

 Ann Althouse posted this clip, of Darrell Issa's outrageous behavior a couple of days ago, to which I said:

To his credit, after a bit of noise from the Left, Issa did "wise up", recognized what I did, and apologized:

But, in the meantime - while Issa, himself, was on FOX News publicly dissing Cummings behind his back - here's the kind of wild-eyed ravings I got, from Issa's supporters, in defense of his idiotic behavior:

I was right about Romney, I was right about Ted Cruz's crusade, etc.:

Now - faced with those types of attitudes from the top to the bottom - is it any wonder how (no matter what efforts I make to drag this party into the 21st Century) I'm an outcast, the likes of Glenn Reynolds and Mary Katherine Ham are heroes, and the Right is not only losing every major battle it's engaged in but even the skirmishes?

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  1. You're a fucking idiot, Crack.

    The commenters are Althouse, including me, are quite right about you.

    You are just another lazy bastard playing the Race Man.

    Note for your next tirade. I didn't say black men are lazy bastards. I say that you, Crack, are a lazy bastard.

    Get an education and a job, you lazy fuck.