Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oops! I Did It Again: Destroyed The Ancient History Myth

Not everyone thinks the Caribbean 10-point plan for reparations is out of the question, and the reason is the same wherever slavery flourished:

By contrast, not a single enslaved man, woman or child received even a penny for the backbreaking toil they endured almost every day of their lives, or for the loss of mothers and fathers, children, brothers and sisters caused by the callous separation of families. There was no compensation for the pernicious brutality exacted against them, or for the violent sexual assaults on enslaved women.

That's how it was "in the old days". At that same time, here in America, the men who raised me were diligently wearing their sharecropper's overalls wherever they went, as many a good "Race Men" did in the King era. But today, I'm told I couldn't have remembered it, because that was "so long ago". A re-writing of history as sickening as Holocaust denial:

That's "the early days" of my freedom - which didn't start in '68. 1968 is when the door opened, but you still couldn't walk through. By then, everyone knew whites had took the money and run, though they're now claiming, either, the 400 year head-start was fair, or such it's "old news" they've got nothing to feel guilty about.

Not even lying, still - right to my face - about how the thing happened?

That last quote's taken from a great piece on the great Bryan Stevenson, who adds an interesting tidbit about this "old news" as it relates to 12 Years A Slave:

So - America's really changed, huh? Guernica called Stevenson's interview "Walking with the Wind". That's striking, because Ta-Nehisi Coates just wrote:

And, as we all know - in America - when it rains, it pours,…