Monday, September 3, 2007

Say No Go

I got an e-mail this morning from a good friend who, I'm sure, is only trying to help by urging me (in his own way) to "move on":

"yup, cults. isn't catholicism big here? Jesus, Pepsi, McD's, etc. Humans will always be this way. When me and the Pigeons take over we'll change all that."

Here's why this type of attitude isn't helpful:

1. I love this guy, and, when I was married and he was troubled, I helped in any way I could. So for him to brush off my concerns, now, seems cruel and callous; especially considering he knows I'm upset and I have always given him support in all his endeavors, no questions asked.

2. Pointing to mainstream religion (which, in San Francisco, has more than enough critics) just gives the Bay Area cults cover - and free reign - to do whatever they want. Plus, two wrongs don't make a right.

3. He's throwing his hands up - giving in - instead of standing up for his ideals or his friends.

4. Aside for the fact that the wife of McDonald's's founder is wacky, I don't know what they, or Pepsi, have to do with the problem of cults. Have they intentionally killed anyone recently?

5. "Humans will always be this way" - to me - should always be followed by "as long as we don't confront them." Only by shining a light on what they're doing will we be able to stop this nonsense. And all the really smart and wonderful people who are out there fighting this crap want support as well:

It's not just me.

And I am: