Monday, September 10, 2007

Shut-The-Fuck-Up, You Cowards

If this story - about an American turning salt water into hydrogen that can be used as fuel - is true, I think the scaredy-pants liberals who have been lording it over the rest of us, while whining, terrified, about Global Warming and Mid-East oil (Those sky-is-falling Chicken Littles, like Al Gore, who decided to go for scaring everyone silly while forgetting the ability of American know-how to come up with solutions to our problems) are going to be in for a pretty rough time from here on out. Here, let me be first:

For behaving like power-hungry, holier-than-thou, pseudo-nazis during a "possible" crisis, it's official that nobody - nobody - wants to hear a motherfucking thing out of you anymore - on anything. You've proven that you are this country's "weakest links" - the people who will be expected, for now on, to shut-the-fuck-up and not say another motherfucking thing until you're able to prove to the rest of us that you're appropriately ashamed of yourself for your bullshit outlook on your country, your people, and life in general. How fucking dare you? Who did you think you were fucking with? Who did you think you were? You're just lucky we're not the kind of country that would shave your heads and march you through the streets for public ridicule because that's what you deserve.

You're a bunch of fucking pussies, who have shown your true colors for all to see, because when the time came to be good, brave, citizens - and get to work - you opted instead for mindless hopeless scare-mongering and finger-wagging, like the horrible, horrible, new wage assholes you are. Your time is done. Move to Canada, or France or someplace else where your cowardice will be appreciated, you fucking little power-mad recycling jerks. This is no place for you:

This is The United States of America - Land of the Free and Home of the Brave - and, as the name implies, no fucking place for cowards.

There - whew -I think I'm done. Get the idea?

Tune into Rush Limbaugh, or another appropriate conservative outlet, for more real fun, you fucking frightened little scaredy-cat bitches.

American patriotism is the purest form of: