Tuesday, July 22, 2008

NewAge Is Evil's Disguise

Whoo-boy! Ladies and Gentlemen, it doesn't get any sweeter around TMR than this:
"PARIS — Radovan Karadzic, the former Bosnian Serb president and one of the world’s most wanted war criminals for more than a decade, disguised himself to live and work in Belgrade as [a] practitioner of alternative medicine,..."
What else was a criminal to do but hang with other criminals - and (of course) the idiots who serve and look up to them? He even had a website that sold the usual bunch of worthless NewAge trinkets for many of the usual problems - "everything ranging from impotence, through to asthma, multiple sclerosis and autism." Yes, he had to target the kids with autism. Their mothers are just soft enough in the head, regarding parenting a child who's different, to have become one of the woo world's ultimate soft touches.

"I met him in September at a lecture about spirituality. A friend introduced us and he seemed like a very nice man who knows about spirituality... with his long beard and long hair he doesn't resemble Karadzic at all. I would have never guessed. He wrote without a fee... as Dragan Dabic spiritual healer."
--Goran Kojic, the editor in chief of Belgrade's "Healthy Life" magazine, in Balkan Insight.

Ah, yes, the Devil talks pretty. Continuing with the NewAge theme, Carla del Ponte, the former chief investigator at The Hague, said she'd followed "leads he was dressed as a woman in a mountain village in Montenegro, or protected by monks in monasteries." I bet. And listen to Reuters, saying "Karadzic lived as long-haired, New Age doctor":

"As the soft-spoken Dr Dabic, Karadzic held lectures and wrote articles comparing popular meditation techniques with 'Orthodox Meditation' a silent technique practiced by monks in Orthodox monasteries.

He was also interested in healing through the optimal use of 'vital energy', a quasi-mystical, non-physical dimension of the body, similar to the Chinese notion of 'Qi' and the Indian concept of the 'chakra' centres of energy in the body.

'He was very religious,' said a woman who works at the magazine and knew him. 'He had his hair in a plait in order to be able to receive different energies. He was a very nice man.'

Karadzic appears to have lived comfortably within his new identity and to have moved freely. He liked being with people and getting attention.

An anti-cancer society in the northern town of Sombor still has on its website the announcement of an April lecture of Dr. Dragan Dabic on 'similarities between meditation and orthodox meditation'.

In another lecture programme, he described himself as a 'researcher in the fields of psychology and bio-energy'."
Sound familiar? It should because those are all topics this blog was designed to expose. Considering the NewAge idea of "duality" - that there's no such thing as right or wrong or, as Oprah says, you can "make your own truth" - it doesn't surprise me that, since NewAgers don't acknowledge any other breech of the professional and social contract - like Dr. Robert Wohlfahrt not knowing you don't sleep with other people's spouses or prescribe medicines without any active ingredients - who knows how many NewAgers wouldn't recognize "genocide, extermination, murder, deportation, inhumane acts, and other crimes," with a nice dollop of racism, as a "wrong" either?

Karadzic was naturally one of them. He even adopted Andrew Weil's "wise elf" look for cover. Check it out - here's Andrew Weil:

And here's Karadzic at his capture:

"THE editor in chief of Belgrade's Healthy Life magazine was shocked to discover the secret past of Dragan Dabic, one of his regular contributors," says The Australian in an article titled, "Dark past of hippie healer." (This should say something about how much trust you can put in the "experts" of these alternative and "healthy lifestyle" publications. They're obviously well-vetted, huh?)

I'm practically the only person on the planet who isn't shocked but sees this as par for the course. How many NewAge killers do we need before the message starts to get through? How many connections to kooks, killers, and criminals, must be made before someone realizes the purveyors of "alternative" medicine - and all the other con men peddling useless crap under the NewAge rainbow - are kooks, killers, and criminals?

Come on, people, wake up: I want some real justice,....

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