Monday, December 15, 2008

2012: Homeopathy Is One Dead Duck

"Homeopathy will be dead and buried by 2012 if the current trend continues,...All the evidence points to one conclusion: homeopathy isn’t fooling as many people as it used to,..."

-- Will Heaven, doing an analysis of Google Trends for the quack's "magic" water, at

This is really funny because NewAgers have been predicting that something BIG would happen - what they think of as "doomsday" - by 2012,...


  1. I really really doubt anything like this will happen. There will always be gullible or desperate people. And the homeopaths will never let it go down easily no matter what the evidence against it.

    However, it would be fun to get a couple more well-done systematic reviews that show negative results and then watch their efforts to save their sinking ship...

    We can only hope.

  2. Yea, I know: they just go underground. And there have been tons of studies done (this shit is over 200 years old) but they don't make a dent: the hold of stupidity on people is simply amazing.

    Did you ever imagine such a thing when you were a kid?

    I certainly didn't.

  3. My impression is that the homeopushers are winning. People may be googling it less but the number of websites promoting homeopathy is growing.

    We can but hope that reason will prevail...

  4. Maria,

    Nah, I don't think so: I don't see nearly as many sites as I used to. Then there's that U.S.News and World Report post I just did, where he straightens out the numbers (on actual usage) as well.

    While I don't think "reason will prevail" (these dingbats have beat that out of me) it does look like, maybe, things are improving.