Sunday, December 14, 2008

You Big Stupid: And Of Course, Wicca!!!

"When you first meet Sandra Cheryl Richardson, she's nothing like what you would expect a witch to look like.

No black pointy hat. No flying broom. No magic wand. Just golden curls and flowing skirts.

But a witch she is.

Just call her the Grand Elder High Priestess of the Circle of Isis Rising, a coven in Miami.

Next week, she'll be celebrating Winter Solstice and helping lead the Yule Sabbath Celebration at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation church, 7701 SW 76th Ave.

Just consider her a 'good witch' -- the type that has received national attention with Brunonia Barry's recent best-selling novel,
The Lace Reader.

Richardson runs Celestial Treasures Network, formerly 32 Paths, in Coconut Grove with the help of her husband, Joe. The shop is packed with Tarot cards, books, incense, crystals, jewelry, essential oils, greeting cards and hand-made art, among thousands of other items. The store caters to the metaphysical community and the different 'paths,' such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Kabbalah, Yoga, and of course, Wicca."

-- Sue Arrowsmith - who is obviously trying to pass for normal while being a fellow nut-job cultist - laying a little covering fire over the Coconut Grove area for the Miami Herald.