Sunday, December 14, 2008

Girl With "Face Of A Dog" Adopts African Baby

"We reported last month that Madonna had suggested that Barack Obama could be helped by the wisdom of the Kabbalah in making tough decisions during his presidency, particularly in regards to seeking world peace and unifying the nation, according to unconfirmed reports.  Now Madonna has allegedly claimed that Obama's presidency was foretold by the mystical writings of the Kabbalah. 

Associates of Madonna within the Kabbalah community have observed that according to the Zohar, one of the holiest books of the Kabbalah movement, in the final days a good leader will rise and battle evil, this leader will come from a humble background that no-one would suspect would produce such greatness. The biblical verse 'The rejected stone will become the cornerstone' is said to possibly refer to the fact that Obama was born at a time when African-Americans couldn't even eat at the same restaurants as white people: yet Obama has risen to be President-elect.

Furthermore, according to sources well versed in the teachings of the Kabbalah, It is predicted that this good leader will have to do battle with an evil leader who is described as having 'The face of a dog'. Some Kabbalah Centre associates report that there have been jokes between themselves and the material girl that this might refer to Sarah Palin describing herself as a 'Pit-bull with lipstick'. The good leader will eventually bring world peace and usher in a messianic era of enhanced spiritual awareness but only after defeating the evil leader."
-- The All News Web

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