Sunday, December 14, 2008

The BBC Test That Destroyed Homeopathy's Jacques Benveniste (Everywhere But In France)

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  1. If I understand the nut-jobs correctly, they say water remembers the properties of other substances it has been exposed to, even when the other substance is long gone (completely diluted out).

    Given that the planet is a few billion years old and water has been around from the beginning, it seems likely water has been to exposed to just about anything you can name. Water has a lot to remember.

    Even if water had a short-term memory, it was somewhere remembering something immediately before a miracle healer gave it an additional memory to keep track of. And I wouldn’t buy that distilling would erase waters’ memory, since distilling only physically separates out non-water molecules, just as diluting it to “one drop in all the worlds’ oceans” does. Maybe in the hands of a jerk-off it also has a selective memory. Miracles happen, right?

    And what about the lazy-ass water that makes up 60% – 70% of the human body? Why doesn’t it remember how good things were before the disease set in, and then fix it?

    Personally, I hope the water I use has amnesia. I mean, fish fuck in it.