Monday, December 1, 2008

Has A-Rod Got A-Clue (He's Becoming A-Hole)?

"I’ve been pretty critical toward Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez for awhile now. He cheated on his wife, continually failed in the playoffs, and had his agent announce his opting out of a contract during the eighth inning of The World Series. But things have been turning around lately. He spent Thanksgiving with his kids and now he’s ditched out on the Kabbalah classes Madonna was making him go to.

Here’s the thing about Kabbalah: it’s fucking idiotic, new age bullshit hippy psychobabble for hapless buffoons unable to deal with their own lives. If you don’t believe me, read the nonsensical ball of mysticism known as the
Zohar. If balderdash and poppycock had a baby, it wouldn’t be half as chock-full of moonshine rubbish as that how-to guide for rubes.

According to MSNBC, A-Rod was photographed with Kabbalah spiritual leader Eitan Yardeni recently but cancelled all of his private classes. Good. No woman in the world is worth exposing yourself to this self-help sodomy."

-- Mack Rawden, noticing the connection between Madonna's mysticism and mayhem, and putting in the Celebrity Blend.

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