Monday, December 8, 2008

I Feel Good (You Know That I Should)!!!


For those of you who say I'm always in a bad mood, and am such a "negative" person, congratulations: you caught me in a good mood today! Why? Because I bounded out of bed this morning!

What does that mean? It means I woke up, opened my eyes, and *my life* was laid out before me - like a red carpet - so I jumped out of bed, and made the coffee, knowing exactly what I'm doing today! This is significant because it's been years since that happened:

I'm getting the "old me" back!

You people out there, who think you know how hard adultery can be on someone, are fooling yourselves. Like John Edwards and Rielle Hunter, I betcha, if Karine Brunck, and "Doctor" Robert Wohlfahrt, knew how much (and how negatively) their sleazy rutting around would affect other people, they would never have done it - but that's the thing about NewAgers: they don't think about other people.

I, on the other hand, always think about other people. Being a foster child, I almost have no other choice: other people are all I've got. I just wish they'd stop being such fucking obnoxious tools.

I was thinking, last night, about Karine and this whole "healer" persona she's trying to pass herself off as, and - honestly - she's terrible at it.

I remember when she first started this crap, she took responsibility for this idiot, Scotty, a gay man with AIDS and no common sense.

Scotty was obnoxious, always giggling like the Maharishi, and telling childish jokes that only he found funny. I couldn't stand him, but, of course, Karine forced this Gay goofball into our lives - without telling me she had signed on to be his caregiver - or that he was a "Reiki Master", or that she had secretly morphed into a Fag Hag who felt safe going to Gay bars and doing speed with the guy. What a "wife", huh?

Anyway, one night we're in bed asleep and the phone rings, and it's Scotty begging for her to come get him - he's been attacked. What does the "healer" do? She asks me to go help him because she's too sleepy. Think about that for a second: I hate the guy, he's been attacked, and she's the caregiver, but she wants me to go save him. So I go, and what's happened to "Mr. Enlightenment"? Well, he was shopping for groceries in San Francisco's Gay Castro District, and, on the way out of the grocery store, some guy in a car smiled at him, so (being an idiot) he got in the guy's car only to get slashed in the neck with a razor blade.

Yea, that old adage (which any five-year old knows) that you don't get in the car with strangers never occurred to Scotty The Wise. Which is typical of the type of friends Karine cultivates: like her, they're always people who don't think about anything beyond their own immediate wants.

I can hear those of you in France now: Oh, but "Doctor" Robert Wohlfahrt is different!!! He's a doctor! Sure he's different.

The guy's a quack. That's why he had sex with Karine, calling it "therapy".

He's no different than Scotty, or every other quack - or instance of quackery - I've ever investigated since I started investigating this phenomena. And you people who go to Wohlfahrt are just the same: you're idiots who can't see the forest for the trees of your own wants.

You really should be reading this whole damn site. (I notice when you look at "Dr. Robert Wohlfahrt" or "quackery" on TMR, you only look at the first page you get - when there are over a hundred posts on quackery alone - is this because you only want me to have to psychologically deal with the deaths and acts of medical malpractice, or are you too stupid to click the "Older Posts" link when you reach the bottom of the page? I can't decide.)

But, today, I'm in too good a mood to try to help you. Good luck, Suckers.

Wow - The New York Times is really hurting to be borrowing money against it's own building.

I guess it's never occurred to them just to change their NewAge editorial position, which would immediately get people, like me, to re-subscribe like I had been, for years, before they got all lop-sided and goofy. Oh well. Like I said:

Good luck, Suckers.

Speaking of Karine, "Doctor" Robert Wohlfahrt, the NYT, and quackery - the whole "woo" world really - The New York Times has got a story on "weak oversight" at the University hospital which is really funny because A) the NYT is always running uncritical and fawning stories on NewAge crap and B) the University hospital is on Orac's "Academic Super Woo Aggregator" (as opposed to just the "Woo Aggregator"). The "Super Woo" list is of hospitals that have not only accepted woo as part of their agenda, but also include the really-crazy quackery of Reiki (Karine) and homeopathy ("Doctor" Robert Wohlfahrt).

Isn't that special?

The Muslims have "stoned Satan" again this year. Good for them, though, it ought to occur to someone to tell them:

Satan stays stoned. (Try saying that fast, three times.)

Speaking of Satan - "The Lightworker" - liberals ain't too happy with Barack Obama right now.

All together now: Awwww!!!

And Long Nails Not Good For Touch Screens: Thank you, San Francisco Chronicle. Where would we be without you?

O.K., see: this woman (above) thinks she looks "hot" and I think she looks insecure. Who's right?

I am. She's a homely woman - and probably without much to say - unless she's shoving those things in your face.

Get this shit:

"A few weeks ago, I found myself seated on an airplane next to a lively, curly haired woman in her 50s. She introduced herself as a career and spiritual counselor and regaled me with accounts of reincarnation she has elicited from clients and from her own recovered memories. When I told this to a Jewish-born colleague, a cerebral guy who occupies a prominent media perch, he launched into a narrative of his supernatural encounters with spirit beings, mediated by a syncretist Brazilian church, Santo Daime, and aided by drinking a foul-tasting concoction mixed from psychotropic jungle vines and leaves."

But there's no connection between NewAge and the crazy empty-headed crap we're getting from the mainstream media, right? You fools.

Thank goodness KRQE in New Mexico ain't part of the mainstream media. (They're in one of those places the wackos have chosen as a "power spot", so covering cults just comes with the territory.) And remember that chiropractic asshole I covered yesterday? He's connected, financially, to Bill Clinton - through Ron Burkle, who is the former president's "confidant and financial benefactor." (Bill and his friends sure do know how to party.)

Don't be surprised by this because, as any NewAger will tell you, when it comes to disastrous nonsense: "It's all connected."

"The aggressive iconography of two young drunk men taking advantage of a life-size cutout of a woman - especially a powerful one - would bring an elite college campus to a standstill, force a housecleaning of a Fortune 500 company, ground the Air Force Academy and would, in most cases, ruin the career of a Republican staffer or elected official.

Every sexual harassment training manual makes exceedingly clear that this type of behavior is intolerable. If only former President Bill Clinton could offer his sage advice on sexual harassment and put this conundrum to rest.

. . . . However, the Democratic double standard on political correctness kicked in immediately as the feminist establishment, the media and even Mrs. Clinton herself came forth to save the fast-rising Obama wordsmith."

Hill-arious. You do know that's Barack Obama's speechwriter, right? I told you it's all connected,...Hey, Hillary: Iron my shirts - or my shorts!

Fuck that shit, just get to work!

I gotta go to take on this beautiful day.

And you people who rely on me at work need to start kicking in the dough, because - whether I'm in a good mood or not - this is:

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