Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Truth Hurts (It Can Sting, Actually)

"Scorpios Get More Asthma, but Astrology Isn’t to Blame"

-- The New York Times, which just can't seem to stop itself from promoting nonsense - even as their revenues fall through the floor - in a headline, under the topic of Health.

It's more-than-a-little weird that newspapers would rather go broke than simply change their editorial positions - as readers have been demanding. The New York Times, and others, have all been alerted we're on to them - that their biases are clear, we know they lie to us, and we want them to get back to investigative reporting - but instead, like lemmings, they'd rather take a dive over the cliff. Or, like (real) scorpions in captivity, sting themselves to death.

"The obvious is sometimes the most difficult thing to discern, and few things are more amusing than the efforts of our journals of record to keep "open" minds about the self-evident, and thus to create mysteries when the real task of reportage is to dispel them."

-- Christopher Hitchens, pointing out the journalistic standard of our age, for Slate.com.

Some can claim there's no mass Baby Boomer cultism (though it's been repeatedly apparent that something's going on) but I don't buy it - and nobody's come up with a better explanation for such an ass-backwards response to simple appeals for truth and rational behavior. And, since denials are always a cult's first line of defense, it just adds to the mystery of why no media outlet will pick up the angle and seriously look into it. I mean, the Boomers do have the perfect background for such an occurrence.

But, one can only guess - as they've proven, over and over again, on so many other topics - it's probably too much to hope "Baby" Boomers will ever have the generational will, or honor, to face up to how stupid, hypocritical, and reckless they've been with our nation - almost from the day they were born.

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