Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Real Soccer Match

"When I found a telephone at home I saw it wasn’t one of my contract phones that she normally uses.

Then I saw it was bleeping and I picked it up and went through the messages.

There were a total of 300 messages from each of them over a two-week period. I saw 49 messages coming in from him with his number saved as Ronaldo.

The text messages looked like they had been written by a seven-year-old it was dreadful English and they mentioned Portugal.

They were very coyly written. They were things like: 'Do you miss me baby? I miss you.'

When I asked her what was going on, she said: 'Oh, it’s something and nothing.'

I flew her to Kiev to get her out of the country because I suspected something was going on but, unbeknown to me, she flew back to the UK 10 days later.

I had hoped we were just going through a rough patch, but when I finally saw a photograph of them together it confirmed my worst fears. I felt physically sick.

Maybe I’ve realised who my wife is, maybe she’s more attracted to a slimy toe-rag – I don’t know.

She won’t be coming back to me – I can’t get over this."

-- John Haynes, a millionaire businessman, on the pain of discovering his wife, Olena (above) is a childish, lying, sleazy, shallow, cum-hungry scumbag, having an affair with Ronaldo, the "slimy toe-rag" soccer star, in The Daily Mail.

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