Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Joseph Nigro: On The Washington Press Corps

Watching President Bush’s last press conference highlighted (again) the infantile, thumb sucking mentality of many alleged “journalists” who, wondrously, continue to dismantle their own profession.
But rather than explain to some why President Bush hasn’t personally been rebuilding houses in New Orleans (or other cry-baby drivel), it’s seems more interesting to note the psychological make up of the players.
First, there was only one alpha male and Man in the room, Man being defined as a higher order of male than simply physical gender, and that was George W. Bush. Clearly he believes in his country and its well being, and acted to protect and preserve the United States without the excuses or the apology the MSM seems to want to extract from him. He is a man of convictions and purpose, and unlike the liberal left, has a working conscience.
Next there were the males. Not men, merely males. Coming across as sissies and whiners, as if they were raised by over-bearing, man-hating mothers and absent fathers, and therefore were taught it was bad to be a Man. So instead they became metro-sexual, sensitive little weenies who bristle in the presence of alpha males, as it threatens their denial and exposes their inadequacies.
These types of confused twerps also make up the bulk of NewAge males, who will go along with whatever they think over-bearing man-haters would approve of. They have no convictions, frequently demonstrate cowardice, become girlfriends to their girlfriends and wives (who tolerate them only because they can control them), and still call their mommies to come over and change a light bulb or wipe their snotty little noses because they don’t know how.
And don’t confuse their Obama leg-humping fever with having convictions. It isn’t even close to rational or sane to bestow worship on someone who has yet to do anything at all. In their defense, it must be difficult being emasculated.
The females, well, when they’re not looking for new ways to castrate anything that comes close to a male, they find these truly disturbing events to bring to our attention.

Such as Margaret Carlson, who devoted four paragraphs in a commentary on Bloomberg.com about Bush not turning over Blair House to Obama a few days early. She never raises the question about the request itself being out of line or even possible, but does take us on a trip through her imagination where she magically knows Bush was thwarting her very own Obama just for kicks.
Sorry Margaret, the train wreck is you. And if you want to prove the part of the title of your book “Anyone Can Grow Up”, you might start with yourself. In the meantime, if any hard decisions need to be made for the country, we’ll call you first.
So there is the reason for Obama-mania: Obama is an appeaser and a pleaser. He’s not an alpha male, so he’s not a threat to the feminized MSM or the NewAgers. The only alpha male on the horizon is Rahm Emanuel, and he comes with a sock puppet that makes Chris Matthews, the world’s tallest kindergartner, lose control of one of his legs.
The sisification of this country is, and should be, alarming.

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