Monday, January 12, 2009

YES!: TMR Has Beat "Dr." Robert Wohlfahrt!!!!

It appears there is justice in the world after all - and we've landed the big fish:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

TMR has been notified that our favorite French quack, "Dr." Robert Wohlfahrt, has been put out of commission by the Conseil Régional de l'Ordre des Médecins. Of course, being told to stop working has never prevented a quack from doing their dirty work, so TMR expects there will be more deaths to come - but, at least, when that happens, Wohlfahrt will no longer have the professional cover of calling himself a physician. TMR would suggest "Dr." Wohlfahrt's supporters in Wissembourg, France and beyond - who seem to care little for anyone but themselves, including the families of the dead - seriously reconsider when it comes to their medical needs.

TMR has been asked how Karine Anne Brunck must feel, knowing she had been warned and, still, decided to do wrong - all the way up to becoming a murderer. Well, the arrogance of that particular NewAger - who, like all NewAgers, claimed to have eliminated her ego - knows no bounds (as Wohlfahrt's signature on this petition, endorsing euthanasia, proves) so TMR is sure neither she, or "Dr." Wohlfahrt, will take this result to heart; deciding, instead, there has been a grave injustice done - because, of course, NewAgers can do no wrong - even after they kill. They also know no shame, so there is no expectation of a well-deserved apology coming this way, or to their unfortunate victims in France.

So, does TMR feel like a giant killer? No, it's more like we've merely confronted two pathetic - and really perverse - sick people, and have proven that's what they are. Too much has happened for there to be a victory dance around here: Lives have been lost, a marriage destroyed, plus a $36,000 payout this writer worked 10 months to receive for a project was denied because (once "Dr." Wohlfahrt's actions came to light) he came apart before it could be finished - and, of course, the most promising music career in America was derailed at it's moment of glory. There has been humiliation, many friends lost, and too many sleepless nights. And, now, TMR is even leaving (what was) the beloved San Francisco Bay Area. The fabric of life itself was disrupted by these two callous idiots - who claim to have a profound understanding of how "it's all connected" - but, since they care so little for others, they could never imagine how much damage their actions would cause.

One can only hope being labeled as "murderers" will, finally, have the desired effect of making them consider the consequences of their actions and decide that "thinking" (as opposed to using "intuition" or psychics) is a better way to proceed for now on. But - like all of those who are now discovering Barack Obama is going to continue the policies of George W. Bush - TMR won't be holding out any more hope for change. And, ultimately, destroying hope - which, for the living, is life itself - is probably the worst result of NewAge beliefs.

But, as this blog has stated, that's the Law of Quantum Failure at work.

Take care,



This is just more proof that, when looked at seriously - and confronted on it's own terms - the NewAge movement can be defeated. It's a dirty belief system. And, yea, that it comes to this hurts me too.

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