Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We Fear That Fear Is Something We Don't Fear

In case some of you are missing it, we seem to be in a minor war of words with Mrs. Ann Althouse - not Ann Althouse herself, but her "second husband" (replacement husband?) Meade - and one thing he/she said made us stop and think, once again, how often we've heard this same tired hippie/buddhist/Maharishi Mahesh Yogi post-60s riff on the subject of fear:
The Crack Emcee, when you finally reach the dead end of your New Age witchhunt, and you search all around for a new hobby horse to ride high on, let me suggest researching the strange phenomenon of machismo - exaggerated male pride and honor - the peculiar females it attracts, and the damage done by hyper-aggressive men who haplessly try to hide from their own anger, fears, and hatred toward women.
"The damage done"? Seems to us we've gotten better since we've indulged in our crusade, not worse, so we don't know exactly what the old boy's getting at. (Is anyone ever going to admit hippie "wisdom" on inner peace and the like, from those who grew up in the '60s, is bullshit?) Take this example, for instance, from a speech by his "second wife's" (replacement wife's?) brilliant presidential choice in October:

The question, once again, is going to be whether hope overcomes fear. Essentially, what the other side has decided is that they are going to try to ride fear and anxiety all the way to the ballot box on November 2.
See, we won - riding fear all the way to victory - so fear can't be all bad, or something we're afraid of. As a matter of fact, as this example proves (and as we've said) it can be a great motivator to get one's act together.

It's our experience that no man talks about fear in the manner Meade has unless he's bought into cult bullshit. We hang with some pretty macho guys and we'd be laughed out of the room if we ever started talking to them about attempting to " hide from their own anger, fears, and hatred toward women" since none of us are weak enough men to feel that way, or think dissing what feminism has wrought is a "hatred toward women."

Next thing you know, they'd be expecting us to invite them to a yoga class, and then we wouldn't have any friends at all.

People who are afraid of fear - or try to use it as a weapon in conversation - are merely parroting an old NewAge line that leads to people making major mistakes in logic. Only suckers try to avoid fear. The rest of us, if we've lived at all, know there's no guarantees and will face up to whatever we have to with something you never hear NewAgers lecture much on - courage. That's because it's they who live their lives scared to death that someone will catch them with their pants down, blabbering on about shit they don't know, like how to really live - and how to be a man.

If they did, they certainly wouldn't be copying other people's cliche'd NewAge refrains on life, and trying to pass them on as their own in the first place:

It's just not the manly thing to do.