Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Instapundit: Making Sure Being Right Will Be It's Own Reward (By Making Sure Nobody Knows When He's Wrong: An Asshole Move!)

Oh goody! Look at what British meteorologist Piers Corbyn has to say about Global Warming:
Complete nonsense, it’s fiction, it comes from a cult ideology. There’s no science in there, no facts to back [it] up.
"A cult ideology" huh? Well isn't that interesting? And, of course, our old friend, Glenn Reynolds - commenting on Corbyn's prediction of a "brutal" winter - adds "I hope he’s wrong. Unfortunately, his predictions so far have been quite accurate." The Instapundit doesn't even mention the cult claim. Hmmm.

Yesterday we said, despite Reynolds' jackassery, he still provided a pretty good service. Today - based on this obvious omission - we're starting to wonder if the Instapundit provides any kind of service at all.

What he does is starting to look more and more like the "lamestream media" after this one - holding back important information from his readers, because he doesn't like someone, is fucked. He's the shit-faced Instapundit, for Christ's sake! Tell the people we're assholes (like he does Matt Yglesias) but don't keep them in the dark about the other issues, when others keep agreeing with us, or we turn out to be right. Hey, Glenn, even assholes can be right! (Or even smarter than you,

Reynolds did it again, yesterday, with our aptly-titled post "And Not Posting Critics Is Part Of The Problem". Instead of, at least, adding it to the list of opinions he got on why people would quit a job without having another lined up - we say, more than anything else, it's because of this Maharishi/The Secret-inspired management technique that (thanks to Boomers attending cult seminars) has swept the nation:

Instead of even mentioning that, though, Reynolds posted two opinions that almost sound just as deranged as we can - one, from someone named Grace McLoughlin, blaming it on Obama's abuse of management (Oh, how our hearts bleed for those in management - who, as far as we can tell, mostly all voted for Obama and are the ones who strictly enforce the Maharishi/The Secret-inspired management techniques) and another, from someone named Dave Price, blaming "the less productive". No, we're not kidding you - "the less productive". That's who's to blame out there. "Less productive" than who, Mr. Price (nor Mr. Reynolds) says, but they're out there - they just know it - sitting on fat piles of cash, being lazy.

It was at that point we asked ourselves the same question Reynolds must ask when he sees a critical post arrive from us:

Where does he get these people?