Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice (& Crazy)

iOwnTheWorld's Big Fur Hat has a post about Capital Records finally releasing The Beach Boys' "Smile" album, which never came out because lead songwriter, Brian Wilson, went a bit loopy in the head. As a tease, BFH has generously linked to all the songs on the classic album "Pet Sounds" - which came out before "Smile" was supposed to - saying "If even a couple of tracks are as good as these tracks,...I will be pleased." Agreed.

I was going to post "God Only Knows" because, well, it says "God Only Knows" (which always sounds weird to an atheist) but then I remembered my experience of listening to "Pet Sounds" for the first time, and how it was during this song - "Wouldn't It Be Nice" - that I got scared and realized (and I said it aloud just like this) "Brian Wilson is fucking insane!" So, if you want to hear the sound of a grown man getting all goofy about holding hands and shit, like he's actually 13 years old, click on the YouTube track above and be transported into a uniquely male world of pastel colors, gee whiz emotion, and passion, baby, passion, unlike any that had come before. Take my word for it, if you've never heard the whole album:

"Pet Sounds" is what they mean, my friends, when it's said there's a thin line between genius and madness.

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