Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Juan Williams & NPR: For The Love of Money?

O.K., my salute to James Taranto is over and "the royal wee" is gone, so let's get this thing off on the right foot:

I have made a point of saying I have quit or been fired from numerous jobs that had a NewAge liberal bent, and it was no fun.

I put everything at risk because I either didn't fit in, or wasn't going to tolerate the nonsense liberals have been dishing out, almost in private, at the workplace.

Juan Williams got fired, then got a new better paying job, and is now probably laughing all the way to the bank at the antics of his former employers, NPR. But here's the thing:

If he knew what was going on, as he now says, then why did he stay so long?

We ask this because we've had numerous conversations with people about the awful things liberal NewAgers do behind closed doors, and why people tolerate it, and the answer always comes down to "Well, we're making money."

Clearly, that answer's never been good enough for us - why Juan Williams?

Why anybody?

Is evil made tolerable in America by a paycheck?

And, if it is, then what are we admitting our true values are?

UPDATE: Williams speaks about the marginalization he suffered at the hands of NPR:

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