Wednesday, March 9, 2011

You Want To Prove You're Up To A Man? Do It!

It's fine if you want to say Ham is too nice and Malkin is too mean, so what will they say about you, squeaky wheel?

The word against me, with women, has always been the same:

"He wants to be right all the time."

But, for the life of me, I've never understood how wanting to be anything else should be a goal.

Is there some special pride women take in being wrong? And if so, why?

I'm not kidding.

I wonder why - out of all the topics they choose to cover - the "smart women" don't answer that question, or choose to do anything about it, despite all the trouble it causes. Where's Michelle Malkin? Where's Mary Katharine Ham?

Why does a man like me have to be the bad guy? And why do these smart women stick to the easy stuff, like pointing out liberals are hypocrites with dirty mouths, when every male commentor has covered that a billion times before?

I want to see a woman challenge Oprah over her role in the marketing of The Secret - and why mainly women bought it's lies. I want that woman to ask how all that "positive thinking" worked out, in light of the trajectory of Obama's presidency, and the economy tanking that immediately followed.

Oprah did bring him to us - and no conservative woman has said a word about it.

I want to see a woman challenge Jenny McCarthy over her defense of the quack, Andrew Wakefield, and all the kids that have died because of their anti-vaccine fraud - and why most of their support is from women.

I would think dead kids is a topic conservative women would have an interest in.

I want to see a woman challenge Whole Foods to explain why they promote and sell homeopathic preparations - another good line of questioning for Oprah and a whole host of others - and why mainly women buy them. It's just water but women claim it's powerful medicine. Why? I want a woman to ask other women if blowing money and being delusional is fun.

Watching them behave that way isn't fun for men - is it for conservative women?

I want to see a woman challenge the Self-Help industry - and why it's mainly women buying the same wrong ideas, repackaged as new books, over and over again.

Or are conservative women, and their friends, immune?

And I want to see a woman challenge why women don't just do these things, but vehemently defend them, even past the point of reason - and when people lose their lives.

Why leave it up to men to challenge this - and to take the heat?

I want to see a woman challenge other women on why being "dissatisfied" is considered a legit reason to break up marriages and families.

I've seen talk about it, but no serious challenge from conservative women on "no fault" divorce. Why?

I want to see a woman challenge women, in a multitude of ways, but that almost all appear to derive from gaining a sense of satisfaction from doing and being wrong.

And I don't want some man sticking his nose in to give them any leave-them-alone cover, or a shoulder to cry on, or help with their answers - I want to see a woman challenge women on being women today.

I want to see courage, and bravery, on a man-sized scale.

As everyone knows, regarding Sarah Palin - who is merely a symbol of a challenge to the current feminine order - we will whole-heartedly support any woman who steps up to do that.

Because almost all these issues involve Democrats and the Democratic Party's unseen power base.

Until then, every other woman is either a liar, a coward, or a fraud themselves, more concerned with flipping their hair than actually flipping the script.


  1. Fair conservative comment except for:

    "I want that woman to ask how all that "positive thinking" worked out, in light of the trajectory of Obama's presidency, and the economy tanking that immediately followed."

    which is a lie twice-over since the economy was well and truly tanking before the change in administration, and Obama did some creditable things for the economy like rescuing the US automobile industry, for one.
    Perhaps no conservative woman would want to trumpet their honesty while appearing to be full of shit. Just a thought.

  2. Making a bad situation worse, with his worthless "stimulus", is nothing to trumpet.

    And I've worked in the automobile industry - Obama didn't rescue it, he rescued it's unions. Almost everyone I've worked with is either out, or trying to find a way to get out.

    You have certainly been "misled".

  3. This cannot have effect in actual fact, that's what I think.