Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Liberals Are Having More Meltdowns Than Japan

There are so many things about how liberals "think" that are disagreeable I could go on forever, but I'll point out two obvious ones from the last few days. First, the walk-back.

Ann Althouse has a post on The Daily Kos's polling efforts, regarding a recall of Republicans in Wisconsin, where they say this:
We asked whether respondents support or oppose the idea of recalling their senators. As you can see in the next pair of columns, this question doesn't test as well—pluralities say they favor recall in just three districts—but in a way, it's the least important question we asked.
Ann, being a sharpie, catches 'em immediately:
Oh, yeah, the question with the bad numbers... it's not important! Ha!
This is the same point NewsBusters' Noel Sheppard made when Lawrence O'Donnell (above) went over the racial deep end on Michelle Bachmann's supporters. Here's O'Donnell:
What makes those voters so ignorant? Well, for starters, they are whiter than the average district. 92 percent white in fact. But that explains nothing.
And here's Sheppard's catch:
Well, if that "explains nothing," why bring it up? It's almost like O'Donnell and his staff knew they were going too far with the 92 percent white remark, and felt they needed to soften it a little,...But the damage was already done. After all, imagine for a moment Bachmann was black,...and the commentator was a conservative:

What makes those voters so ignorant? Well, for starters, they are blacker than the average district. 92 percent black in fact. But that explains nothing.

You think that would have gone over well in the black community, or would there be calls Tuesday for said conservative commentator's immediate termination?
Here's another good one - blatant hypocrisy - you remember the "Morans" guy, above, don't you? Oh, he was everywhere during the Bush years, as proof that conservative patriots are stupid as rocks. He can't spell, right? He must be an idiot!

Well, iOwnTheWorld has a whole bunch of misspelled signs by liberals - including these doozies, below, because they come to us from the Wisconsin Teacher's Union:

I bet you won't see liberals plastering those everywhere as proof of ignorance by liberal patriots, which leads me to think they don't care about ignorance - even in our schools - and are not truly patriots at all.

Whatever they are, they're definitely not thinkers, or honest brokers.

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