Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Naked Truth (Who Elected Oprah As God?)

The brilliant Iowahawk is twittering his way into the Charlie Sheen controversy - and he gets it:
Whatever Charlie Sheen's faults, +1 to him for refusing to provide the weepy apology the media nitwits seem to be demanding.
We've asked before and we'll ask again:

What planet are these people on?

Forcing someone to confess and apologize to Oprah Winfrey - when she's the one who popularized lying with the phrase "make your own truth" - is waaay weirder than doing drugs because you hate the kind of people that would force you to confess and apologize to Oprah Winfrey. (Does Charlie Sheen even know Oprah?) Who made Oprah Winfrey - or any other media figure - the vessel for our regrets? And why do you get off the hook by talking to them?

What's wrong with you people?

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