Saturday, March 5, 2011

Next Up: How Much Better And More Peaceful Everything Would Be If Women Ruled The World

Here's another great example of what trying to be "open-minded" will get you:
An online event intended to let China's mistresses celebrate their status and air grievances quickly descended into a slanging match yesterday.

Mistresses were joined by cheating husbands and wronged wives in an online chatroom for the inaugural "Festival for Mistresses."

The time and date chosen - 3:30pm on March 3 - was significant, as in Chinese mistresses are nicknamed "Little Three," as they are the third person in a married man's relationship.

However, despite being dubbed a festival, good cheer was in short supply.

Things got off to a bad start when, in her introduction, an invited wife proclaimed her loyalty to her husband.

She was assailed by mistresses mocking her "loyalty" and teasing her by saying they would seduce her husband.
Our advice:

Leave the "open-mindedness" to those with no brains in their heads,...

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