Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Sense Of Cultural Pride Is Overwhelming

Yes, yes, yes, this is the America we know now:
A 19-year old man who says that as a minor he signed a "billion year contract" with the Church of Scientology claims his Scientology school forced him to work hundreds of hours a week for as little $35, denied him an education, and forced him back to work just two days after he lost a finger in a work accident. He claims his parents, members of the Scientology leadership group Sea Organization, "ceded custody of Daniel to the 'Cadet Org,' a children's corps of the Sea Org," when he was 5. Sea Org, he claims, prohibits members from raising their own children.

Daniel Montalvo filed two complaints in Superior Court: one against the Church of Scientology International, the Sea Organization, the Church of Scientology Western United States dba Canyon Oaks Ranch School, and against five people - including his parents.
America - Land of the Free and Home of the Brave:

But a place now too cowardly to even stop a damned Science Fiction writer's cult - or pretty much anything else harmful - that everybody and his momma knows about.

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