Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This Is A Rant: We Couldn't Buy Your Magazines If We Wanted To (Which - Surprise! - We Don't!)

Mickey Kaus links to Slate's Jack Shafer column - about Tina Brown's "new" Newsweek - saying of the Leftist/feminist rag:
This is a meal that a homeless person would walk away from.
Now that's funny, considering all the people who are, or will soon be, homeless out there! (We happen to be using the phrase "homeless" in two ways - in the traditional sense, and to represent Generation Jones, those of us who aren't Boomers and never bought into the prevailing Boomer mindset.) Considering the Right is currently doing the exact same thing the Left is, this got us to thinking:

What else are we "homeless" walking - or running - away from?

In a world where the rich and celebrated are destroying our institutions while hanging out with killers and pedophiles, the president's a baldfaced liar (and delusional as he blows our money) and won't support freedom, doctors are quacks who give out fake excuses to miss work, a college degree is worthless (unless you want to see a woman get off for $50,000 or support a dictator) older people sleep with guns because their daughter's done well, organizations we support take us for granted and are anti-semetic, what's a true blue "homeless" American not to like?

Our answer is "everything". This isn't a case of a few "bad apples" - with some, like Glenn Reynolds, representing the good guys - but of a despicable culture, eating itself alive, in order for the rest of us not to have a meal. The Left and the Right are strangling the middle, in every way possible, and daring those of us closest to the bottom to say a word about it.

Oh, they don't mind if we scream, because they're no more likely to publicize it than their brothers in the mainstream media or the dictatorships they claim to despise. As a matter of fact, to let any accurate criticism of them get out is their worst nightmare, because they have no interest in fixing anything - they only want power as badly as the so-called "bad guys". They speak for those who can "buy now" - not for those who can't buy anything because of long-standing cultural and political policies they've supported, that have made them rich, but that made the rest of us "homeless", both in the financial sense and ideologically.

There is no outlet for those that dislike what they're all doing.

So yes - when it comes to what we "homeless" desire from those in the Boomer set - yes, yes, yes:

Considering what you've made, we'd rather break your plate than eat from it.

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