Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reasons NewAgers Are Stupid - #1,004: Karma

Yeah, wouldn't you know there are some doofuses out there who think, rather than being Christian idiots and claiming "God did it", there's some kind of karmic payback being waylaid on Japan for shit that happened during World War II. Here's a clue for you geniuses:

There's no such thing as karma.

The proof:

If there was, your dumb asses wouldn't have been born.

Recognize. Fucking idiots.


  1. It's better than that- the same people quick to cite karma are the slowest to accept the physical fact of causation. IE cause and effect. In their unicorn glitterdust universe there is no cause and effect, because if there was they'd have to start facing unpleasant truths like war, unemployment and the fact that despite the best efforts of leftist agitprop comedians, NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE FUCK BARRY SOETORO REALLY IS.

    It would make a fantastic fucking horror / science fiction story, but living it is a bit intense.

  2. I know who Barry Sotero is. He's the President of Hawaii!