Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Union Break-Up? They Never Minded Before,..

The episode playing out in Wisconsin reminds us how few divorces there would be if men and marriages, like State's Rights, were respected in this country. The Democrat 14 are most women, who initiate 70% of the divorces, running away over what they claim is "unfair" treatment, but are really a combination of an unrealistic world view and the demands that go with it.

Scott Walker and the Republicans are men, saying there can be no more of this, they've put their foot down, and - no matter how much the wife acts out - everybody's going to grow up and do what needs to be done for the good of all.

Now, if the country respected men and marriage, as it does State's Rights, everything would play out just as it is in Wisconsin:

Even with the women's single feminist girlfriends piping in and calls to the cops (the unions and Barack Obama) no one's able to interfere, because everybody respects that it's a marriage, and once the Democrats see there's nowhere to run, theycome to their senses and return to pitch in with the Republicans and make things better.

But that's not how marriage plays out in "no-fault" America.

Nowadays, the woman's claim of "unfair" treatment, true or not, is all that's needed for everything to break down.

She'll run to her single feminist girlfriends, and the next thing you know, the cops are telling the husband not to move - the marriage is over - while tearing apart his house to take his guns.

Meanwhile, as the cops have the husband occupied, the wife and her friends are emptying the bank account, of course.

The perfect set-up for the next phase of the drama.

Now - with no money, protection, or standing - the husband/Republican/Tea Partier/"man" is expected to go before a fair-and-impartial Barack Obama and plead his case, and no matter how wrong it all is, it's demanded he accept the process as "progressive" and fair because, just like being a Republican has been a crime, everybody knows he's "a man" and not to be trusted.

The pre-ordained verdict:

He now must pay half of whatever he makes to the wife until she's through raising the kids to think like she does.

We're willing to wait and see, but Wisconsin might be the beginning of the whole rotten edifice coming down.

Now go to the head of the class.

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