Sunday, December 16, 2012

"All I Wanted Was A Pepsi!" (It Bears Repeating,...)

I've posted "Institutionalized" before - very recently actually - but not with lyrics. (I know some don't enjoy Punk because they can't understand the words, so I'm glad to see this video out there.) I offer it, again, as my ultimate contribution to discussions of the latest mass murderer.

I find the argument "What are you trying to say, I'm crazy? When I went your schools?! I went to your churches! I went to your institutional learning facilities!" to be quite compelling, assuming there was learning going on as well.

But, as I and others have labored to make clear, the rest of society - or even the rest of the world - doesn't give a damn what we learned in their schools, in churches, and institutional learning facilities. It's a bait and switch:

Beliefs - not knowledge - rule the world. 

So, if you stick with what you learned in school, trouble will surely follow. If you see through what they do in church, you can and will be ostracized. And if you're not brainwashed - by somebody - there's obviously something wrong with you. Just ask Oprah.

No - you have to ask Oprah: 

Is "I'll figure it out myself" one of the most threatening statements, to the West's current social order, ever created? 

Get back to me,...