Friday, December 7, 2012

"Where Are We?" "Oslo!" "Good, You're Getting Closer!"

I've got a scary/tragic deal going on over here (caring for my elderly - and now totally disoriented - friend/roommate/landlord) so, if my output seems light or "off" for some reason, that's why - sorry:

While discussing homeopathy, The Telegraph's Tom Chivers has some nice words for The Huffington Post, and our political parties, about their left/right but still collective hoo-doo fetish:

"The Huffington Post would be among the first crowing Left-liberal media outlets to leap on a Republican politician, say, who said that the world was 6,000 years old or that Darwin was wrong; they run, for instance, pieces by Chris Mooney explaining why the GOP denies science. And so they should, and so would I. But you don't get to pick and choose which bits of science you like, and you certainly don't get to claim that the Right are all crazy mad science-fearing God-bothering lunatics, while simultaneously claiming that some magic medicine that doesn't work works because of quantum."

Quite correct - it's exactly why I didn't vote for Romney - but I wonder if Tom Chivers knows who Arianna Huffington is, because he sounds pissed. If he did know, he wouldn't be surprised:

She's a bag of mixed nuts, and - "on a spiritual level" - housing them in a warehouse for wackos.

I know - few care - but that's just the way it is:

"Let's stipulate an ugly truth - sometimes, people are bad."-- Kennedy