Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And There's Some Racial Flame-Fanning Going On, Too

I got the photo above from Glenn Reynolds. Exhibiting the credibility of Al Gore pushing climate change, that's what he's selling, supposedly in answer to multiple crisis' facing the nation, foreign and domestic. Fortunately, some real talk on Syria is happening at Hot Air, in terms anybody can understand:
It’s not that there’s no strategy here, as many critics have claimed, it’s more that it’s the opposite of strategy — there’s nothing we’re trying to do in terms of U.S. national security, we’re simply trying to punch a guy hard enough in the face that he decides it’s worth his while not to punch back.
Totally different take from the Instapundit's and - if you ask me - coming from a conservative website, that "as many critics have claimed" line, is damning:

Like they, too, are saying Glenn's selling a bill o' goods,...


  1. I guess I don't understand.

    White people (well, white conservative/libertarian type people, anyway) have been told that, if we disagree with Obama it's because we're racists.

    We're told that by our betters who work for places like MSNBC and CNN, so we know it to be true!

    So why is a little pushback on that considered flame fanning?

    Serious question. I know my upbringing gives me a different perspective than yours.

  2. Because we (conservative/libertarian type people, white or otherwise) are supposed to be smarter than that - it's not even what we're about - and we're supposed to be in a tight spot. But we don't act like it. It's still a game. All "Choom Gang" and Gotcha!

    Does 9-11 have to be the high-water mark for us recognizing SOME shared interest?