Monday, September 9, 2013

"Getting Away With Something" Doesn't Mean You Move

Yesterday a reader, who likes to challenge my take on politics, asked what kind of plot I thought Obama might be working. I told him I don't know - plots are, by definition, secret and crafty. I know, by his other statements, my reader thinks I'm crazy - or too black to think straight about this president I didn't vote for - twice.

But what I really am is not so stupid as to forget Obama's socialist/communist background - or episodes like this:


Meanwhile, Hot Air's pondering Syria: 

Yeah, it does - a gift from the enemy in Obama's self-created crisis he's supposedly losing to everyone in - whoda thunk it? And why would Putin do it? And - as we consider things that don't make sense - here's another question:

If the Right Wing is so concerned about having an anti-American communist Manchurian Candidate in the White House - as they used to scream all night over hootch - why should the idea there's a potential plot unfolding (several even) communist or otherwise, not be credible? Or even come as a surprise?

And, with Putin helping Obama out, if there might be a plot, why must just Republicans - and not the country - be the potential mark? 

I mean, there is an anti-American communist Manchurian Candidate in the White House, riiiight? 

Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot:

In this evolving scenario, you geniuses have already settled on a another narrative that, you think, puts you in a flattering light,...