Monday, September 9, 2013

"Getting Away With Something" Doesn't Mean You Move

Yesterday a reader, who likes to challenge my take on politics, asked what kind of plot I thought Obama might be working. I told him I don't know - plots are, by definition, secret and crafty. I know, by his other statements, my reader thinks I'm crazy - or too black to think straight about this president I didn't vote for - twice.

But what I really am is not so stupid as to forget Obama's socialist/communist background - or episodes like this:


Meanwhile, Hot Air's pondering Syria: 

Yeah, it does - a gift from the enemy in Obama's self-created crisis he's supposedly losing to everyone in - whoda thunk it? And why would Putin do it? And - as we consider things that don't make sense - here's another question:

If the Right Wing is so concerned about having an anti-American communist Manchurian Candidate in the White House - as they used to scream all night over hootch - why should the idea there's a potential plot unfolding (several even) communist or otherwise, not be credible? Or even come as a surprise?

And, with Putin helping Obama out, if there might be a plot, why must just Republicans - and not the country - be the potential mark? 

I mean, there is an anti-American communist Manchurian Candidate in the White House, riiiight? 

Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot:

In this evolving scenario, you geniuses have already settled on a another narrative that, you think, puts you in a flattering light,...


  1. There could be any reasons why Putin would do it. That this was all a big kabuki dance by US and Russia is first on my list; second, after what has been happening recently in India vis a vis some Russian arms sales, I'm not sure Putin wants Russian weapons capabilities in the spotlight; then there's the whole Snowden/Greenwald thing...which may have some interesting insights...and why the heck would a German freighter shut off its transponder 80 or so nautical miles off the Syrian coast last year? And let's not forget the many fervent defenders of the faith that have run away from their home countries to go fight the good fight in Syria -- I'm sure that, as well as any domestic political rivalry issues (sure are enough of those, aren't there?) -- may be in the cards at play here.
    Veritable grab bag of shit as it were.


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