Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear National Review: Get Dennis Prager Out Of Africa

Some conservatives are so stupid - and so insulting in their stupidity - it's hardly worth reading them. Take Dennis Prager's new column from Africa for The National Review, where, after going on about slavery, and the evil inherent in men, his next knee-jerk line put me on notice he was about to become a hypocritical dingbat:

Wait - how did he go from everybody's evil to "What the Left" is? Even as a Republican, that one is confusing. But then he really loses it, and says something, so preposterous, as to make me want to toss the laptop across the room:

What a crock. Didn't I just do a post, a few days ago, about an African woman's book on how she had to learn to understand race and racism once moving here? That there was less racism in Africa, and she felt the mantra of colorblindness, pushed by conservatives, made her feel "complicit" in their denial of the effects of their racism on blacks? Then what's Prager talking about?

I'm positive even he doesn't know:

Like a lot of conservatives these days, he's clearly out of his depth. 

And - like a lot of conservatives these days - he's also clearly out of his motherfuckin' mind.

And Africa's seen enough of that,…

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