Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'll Never Marry Again But, If I Did, I'd Listen To Freeman

Freeman Hunt did a post, right before I found this photo and decided - if I'm going to be homeless anyway - I'll walk the planet, looking for that woman:

 It's a test of wills!

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  1. That was good. I wish I could send it to my 40 years ago self. Freeman's advice is so good I plagiarized, tweaked, and sent it to a twenty-something relative (with link to Freeman's blog) as:

    Frank Advice for a [Female] Relative on Finding a Mate

    Never spend even a moment's time on anyone who treats you badly. As you are courteous, you should expect courtesy in return. A jerk, no matter how beautiful, no matter how intelligent, no matter how accomplished, is still a jerk and is as untrustworthy as [he] is insufferable.
    As you make good money, be wary of [men] whose lives seem to revolve around spending [money].
    Qualities you will come to greatly appreciate in marriage: honesty, industry, curiosity, humility, [humor], and temperance.
    Because you want children, do not marry someone who doesn't want children. [He] may not change [his] mind.
    Marry someone you love to spend time with.
    Marry someone who is devoted to you [and shares your devotion to Nature's God].
    Don't marry anyone who nags [or bullies] you. It will only get worse in time, and you will only grow to hate it more. Do not set yourself up to become one of those [subordinated women] with a long face [that expresses resigned sullen silent resentment].
    If you have any doubt, [just say no thank you].
    Before marrying a beautiful [man], clearly imagine that [he] has been in a disfiguring accident. Do you still want to be married to [him]? What if [he] were [wrinkled, old, injured, tired, and/or bald]? Never underestimate the excuses your mind will make on behalf of a beautiful [man]. Do not be blinded.

    (Reply from my relative: "good advice. Thanks!")