Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Latest Results Of The "Believe In" Poll: Man, But You "Spiritual" People Sure Are STUPID!!!

Here's the results of a Harris Poll that should be an embarrassment to all of us:

"More Americans believe in the Devil, Hell and Angels than in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution".

This is almost 2009, right?

What-ever. Elizabeth “The Anchoress” Scalia has a Pajamas Media piece, about the role of religion in the War On Terror, that I've butchered to explain why I think it's important to engage NewAge beliefs - which I consider "the enemy within" - as much (or even more so) than others think it's important to engage Islam, Christianity, etc.. I think one ought to consider:

"The fundamentalists,..believe they are,...heroes. First and foremost, they 'believe.'

Their rhetoric,..rides the language of faith.

It is with the language of faith that,...must be engaged and defeated, and therein lies the disconnect for the diplomatic West. Having reasoned itself out of faith, its incomplete arsenal is fit for battle, but not for victory.

The West can speak only of borders, boundaries, markets, and measurement. Faith exists beyond boundaries and borders; it defies markets and measurement. The negotiables of the West are worldly and “the world” means nothing in the face of paradise,...

..What these extremists want is submission,..

We should consider that [NewAge fundamentalism] may not be defeatable, except on its own terms, on the battlefield of the supernatural.

To secularists and avowed agnostics who work to expunge all religious language from governments, that idea is anathema. I doubt it makes many Christians or Jews happy, either.

But the war, as much about ideas and ideals as about security and strategy. If one side’s ideas are mayhem in service to transcendence and the other side is thinking about meetings and signed papers, then secular Western diplomacy is boxing with one glove."

O.K., I'm back - see, here's the thing about NewAge: it's really stupid.

To be completely honest, NewAgers are so stupid the word "stupid" is totally inadequate for describing how stupid NewAgers are.

Their level of stupidity is so completely off-the-chart we may need to come up with a new way to rate stupidity altogether.

They're really that stupid.

Like stupid squared.

But, in order to defeat them, first you have to take NewAge stupidity seriously.

I mean, it's them or us, and they feel no qualms about making it us.

Before my ex-wife, Karine Anne Brunck, introduced me to exactly how stupid NewAgers can be, I made excuses for her stupidity - just as many make excuses now when discussing NewAge with me ("it's harmless").

I did it because I loved her.

And I also wanted to love people generally - French people, especially - because the acceptance of and by people "unconditionally" was part of being a good NewAge person (if you don't know what they're up to) right?

Who doesn't want to be seen as a nice person?

I just wanted to try to be of help, y'know?

But now that NewAgers have made it abundantly clear that such acceptance doesn't run both ways - anyone who can see through NewAge delusions need not apply - there's no reason for me to cover for any of those idiots any longer.

I mean, the shoe's finally on the other foot: they're actually in charge now.

They're the ones who are "in the way" of my fucking dreams.

So, now, I've got to fight like they did.

They've always been a danger. They've always gone about wrecking the economy. They've always killed for what they wanted (as opposed to what was needed). This much is clear.

They've always rattled on equally (as though the following are equal) about Gays, blah, blah, blah,...

Animals, blah, blah, blah,...

The environment, blah, blah, blah, women, blah, blah, blah,...

Blacks, blah, blah, blah,...

Sensitivity, blah, blah, blah,...

But hate the white man, blah, blah, blah,...

And anything associated with Jesus, blah, blah, blah.

There's nothing "new" to their "age".

Political watchers know this script by heart.

So there's nowhere for it to go because - for all their talk of "change" - it's the same imagery that was written on sheets of acid 40 years ago:

Somebody's skull - but on a rainbow.

Or a dancing Russian bear, etc.

Like children, they're fools who respond to symbolism, not actual thinking.

Pretty pictures are about as deep as their minds can go.

But the situation they've made is going to quickly drag them out of the shallow end of the gene pool.

At some point they've got to stop blaming Georgie Boy.

The truth of his administration keeps coming out (and the lies are being exposed as such) so pretty soon - and that's apparently much sooner than they think - the NewAgers will not only have to own the mess they have but, also, the mess they've made.

And, then, we ought to be able to see some real action.

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