Saturday, December 13, 2008

You Don't Even Have To Talk To Them Anymore

"The paradigm has shifted. Dating is dated. Hooking up is here to stay.

(For those over 30 years old: hooking up is a casual sexual encounter with no expectation of future emotional commitment. Think of it as a one-night stand with someone you know.)"
-- Charles M. Blow (who has a great name for this topic) acknowledging what I already told you, long before the opinion page of The New York Times.

So what does this mean? It means bitches are just the proverbial "fuck-and-run" now - with no power to demand a man become their bitch - and buy them any of the shiny things (they think) they really want. Check out this new J.C. Penny ad:

Women can be so short-sighted, and stupid, it's criminal. (What guy, if he's in love and fucks up, wouldn't immediately run out and try to fix things? But now, love ain't required,...) Not to mention how women are degrading humanity itself with this shit. Listen to (of all places) MSNBC:

"We’re not sure who should be more offended by this [J.C. Penny] campaign: Men, who are painted as sexist, clueless dolts, or women, who are shown as mean-spirited and materialistic, willing to mete out menial punishment but swayed by glittery things."
Shit, I know who ain't offended by it - any dude who ain't already some bitch's bitch. That's right: the unreconstructed men (who don't listen to any of that noise) are laughing their asses off at what punk-ass niggas put up with just to get laid. But now, women are ending all that, and it's only a matter of time before men, generally, wise up to the game and start to play it for all it's worth. And - since human nature don't change - we know who's gonna come out on top in that contest.

So, "Welcome to the NewAge", Ladies: you've earned it.

Too $hort:

Now take my bitch
She won't complain about shit
cus she's my ho
She don't belong to a trick
So when you fuck her
and give her all your cash
I get paid
- or put my foot in her ass
I won't marry the bitch
and give her half
I get more head
and then I laugh
At that one bitch shit
- I got a gang of Hoes
I get freaks that lick these balls and toes

Ice Cube:

Now stupid little bitches get tossed
If they don't realise I'm the motherfucking boss
Come on down and get your ass pinched
And if you talk shit get your ass lynched
Cus I'm the B. the I. the T. the C. the H.
The K. the I. the L. the L.the A.
Ice Cube: a nigga that's bigger then a nut
Cus a bitch is a bitch is a hoe is a slut

Too $hort:

You say how can I call a woman a bitch
It ain't nothing but a word like "shit"
Ain't no slippin in my mutha-fucking pimpin'
And all bitches ain't women:
You come home and get smooth cussed out
You got a bitch with a foul-assed mouth
Scared to chip her with a left hook?
Youz a bitch in my book

Ice Cube:

My nigger, Jinx, made the mix
So punk-ass mutha-fucking bitches get the eighty-six
I keep hoes on file
Cus I'm fucking more pussy then the law allows
With my boy, Too $hort
See he quick to grab a bitch by the throat
And slam her ass, cram her ass, with a fat dick
cus she's a trick bitch

Too $hort:

I like fat bitches
and I like em slim
I'll take a fat bitch
and stick my dick right in
her big fat ass
she'll make me come again
I'm mack daddy bitch - fuck her friend
I saw your home girl
she said what's up with us?
I said nothing - fucked her on the tour bus
She got it good too:
dick down on the floor
The bitch was fine
but her pussy ain't as good as yours

Ice Cube:

Well she's a straggler, struggler, straight salami smuggler
Every time I see the bitch, she's looking uglier
And if you got a trick ass on your left
Sitting there with dick on her breath
Last night she sucked my dick and now she's kissing little man
Why don't he suck my dick and let's cut out the middle man?
And if you have never heard of me
Youz a bitch - It ain't but a word to me

I'll stop calling ya Biotch

Ice Cube:

Man, fuck these hoes, man, ya know
(Too $hort: Nappy-ass bitch-ass tramp-ass slutty-ass hoe)

I'll stop calling ya, Biotch

Too $hort:

I go hard on a bitch - fuck respect from a man
I get my way with a bitch when I act like a pimp
Always carrying bank but I fooled the bitch
Cause all she ever got was to drool on my dick
Ice Cube will slap a hoe for the fuck of it
Just like me and that's some real shit
Bitch got bold with her loud ass mouth:
Tough ass bitch got knocked out
You know a bitch ain't nuthin but a word to me
Some of you punks are just scared to see
If you could call that bitch a bitch you would
And if you can't? You probably should (Punk)
I'm spitting game to you mark-ass lames
On how how to get a bitch and treat the bitch like shit
You can't buy love - all pimps know that
It's all about the way old $hort Dogg macks
Don't hold the bitch hand or walk side-by-side
Go first class every time you fly
She'll go Greyhound - and just meet you there:
I'm just an ice cold hard-ass Oakland player
You want to tongue kiss bitch? It figures
I introduce you to my homeboy, "Richard"
Also known by his nickname - "Dick"
Now lets tongue kiss, bitch

Ice Cube:

I like big butts so let it be known to the public:
I bust a rap or two and the bitches love it
I'm only out for one thing - so hate me
I ain't the one, so don't try to fade me
I don't wear too much gold because it's tacky
I bust a Raider hat, t-shirt and khakis
See a lot of hoes in freaky clothes everyday
So I talk to em in any ole kinda way
See a bitch need a nigger to coach em
So I grab my dick and smoothly approach em
I say "hi" in a friendly kind of pitch
If they ignore me then I say "Yo freak bitch"
Give up the number hardy - we'll have a slumber party
You see I'll fuck you to death and then I'll dump the body
Cause I'm a nigger that's bigger than crew or a gang
And when it comes to bitches I'm out for only one thang.
Yo bitch ain't nothing but a word to me.
-- Ain't Nothin' But A Word by Too $hort and Ice Cube.

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